Green & Clean

Northvent wants people to breathe the kind of air only available in the purest, most untouched parts of our planet. We want people to experience fresh air that revitalizes your body and heightens your senses every day.
The air you breathe is as important inside as it is outside. Northvent offer ventilation systems that effortlessly pump in the good and swiftly remove the bad.
Stagnant air makes it difficult for you to function at your best. It prevents your lungs from breathing at their full capacity. That’s why it’s vitally important to create breathable, clean air in every room around your home.
As well as being clean, the ventilation systems that circulate air around your living space provide a green carbon footprint. If the air we’re creating is clean inside, we want exactly the same for the environment outside.

Better Air. Better You.

Breathing is something we all do without even thinking about. In and out, every second of every day – you’re doing it right now. Imagine that concept, but at its absolute best. That’s the sort of effect a high-quality, functioning ventilation systems can do for you and your body.

Designed For The Future

Northvent offers ventilation systems and accessories designed to fit effortlessly into your home at an affordable price. We’re a company made for people from all walks of life, because we believe everyone deserves to breathe the freshest air. Our green approach to ventilation ensures the longevity of the system, your health and the environment