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Northvent A50


Heat recovery single-room units. Maximum air capacity up to 53 m³/h.


Arrangement of efficient energy-saving supply and exhaust single-room ventilation in flats, houses, cottages, social and commercial premises.Heat recovery minimises ventilation heat losses. Humidity balance and controllable air exchange create individually set microclimate.Coordinated network based on several integrated single-room ventilation units with central control.
High-tech ceramic energy accumulator with heat recovery up to 90 %. Due to its cellular structure it has a larger contact area surface and high efficiency. The energy accumulator is featured with excellent heat-conducting properties and thermal energy storage capacity.
Warm stale air is extracted from the premise, flows through the ceramic regenerator and transfers a part of the accumulated heat and moisture to it.As the ceramic regenerator gets warmed up, the unit switches to the supply mode. Clean cold intake air flows through the regenerator and absorbs accumulated heat and humidity.When the ceramic regenerator is cooled down, the unit is switched to the extract air mode.
The integrated automation system enables operation of the unit at the first low speed or the second high speed:

  • ventilation mode (air supply or air extract);
  • reversible heat regeneration mode.

The unit operation mode control is performed by means of an external control block with a power transformer:

  • in A50 Pro / A50-1 Pro / A50 S Pro / A50-1 S Pro delivery set included (model SEA-T12);
  • available upon separate order for A50 / A50-1/ A50 S / A50-1 S (model SEA-T12 or SEA).
To arrange a central controlled ventilation system based on 4 units connect three A50 / A50-1/ A50 S / A50-1 S units to one A50 Pro / A50-1 Pro / A50 S Pro / A50-1 S Pro unit with SEA-T12 control and power unit. No extra accessories are required.
To arrange a central controlled ventilation system based on more than 4 units connect a required number of the units, one SEA three-position switch and several 12 W AT-12 transformers or 40 W AT-40 transformers, depending on the total unit power consumption to one A50 / A50-1/ A50 S / A50-1 S unit.

The unit is designed for external through-the-wall installation inside a prepared round hole in the outer wall of the building.The best ventilation solution is pairwise installation of reverse phase connected units. Some units supply fresh air to the room and the other units extract stale air from the room. This allows to arrange the most efficient balanced ventilation. In case of brand new construction the units are mounted in two stages:

  • pre-installation at the stage of the indoor finishing and outer decorative wall finishing. It includes installation of the telescopic air ducts, outer ventilation hood and laying out of electric cables.
  • final mounting before commissioning of a house. It includes installation of the regenerator, the filter, connection of the ventilation unit and automation.

If mounting of the ventilation hood on the outer wall is undesirable it may be flush mounted and the external grille may be inserted into the outer window jamb using the KIT BlauPlast 204×60-1 pre-installation kit. Available upon separate order.

Angular mounting into a wall with standard thickness using KIT BlauPlast 204×60-1


Parameter A50 (1 speed) A50 (2 speed) Measurement unit
Voltage 220-240 220-240 V
Voltage 220-240 220-240 V
Frequency 50 50 Hz
Current 0.021 0.026 A
Power 3.68 4.83 W
RPM 599 1155 min-1
Air capacity 26 53 m³/h
Sound pressure level at 1 m 24 34 dBА
Outdoor sound pressure attenuation 18 18 dBА
Sound pressure level at 3 m 14 24 dBА
Regeneration efficiency ≤ 90 ≤ 90 %
Ingress protection rating IP24 IP24
SEC class A A
Mounting wall mounting wall mounting



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