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Power-independent operation due to the solar panel activated motor.Efficient and environment friendly operation based on natural resources.Operation as ordinary passive vents in case of no solar energy supply.Higher exchange rate as compared to other standard passive ventilation components.Uniform air supply and distribution free of dust and noise.Mounting on the outer walls on a sunny side.The internal grille is made of high-quality ABS plastic and is equipped with a dust G3 dust filter.Equipped with axial fan driven by DC motor that is powered by solar panel.

The fan operates either in supply or exhaust mode depending on modification type.The round air flow regulator provides smooth regulation of air flow or shutoff of the ventilation duct.

Telescopic duct with adjustable length from 250 to 420 mm is made of durable PVC plastic.
100 mm air duct diameter.The outer ventilation hood is made of high-quality ABS plastic.Solar panel is fixed directly on the hood surface.AIR FLOW DISTRIBUTIONAir flow rate in various directions


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