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Northvent FRESHBOX 100 WiFi


Single-room heat recovery units. Maximum air capacity up to 100 m³/h.


FEATURES Efficient solution for supply and exhaust ventilation of enclosed spaces.Electric pre-heater or re-heater modification available for cold climate conditions.Heat exchanger with an enthalpy membrane modification available for humid and hot climate conditions.Low-energy EC fans.Silent operation.Supply air purification ensured by two built-in G4 and F8 filters (optionally H13 filter).Upgradeable with an exhaust duct to provide air extraction from the bathroom.Easy installation.Compact size.Wi-Fi communication.Controlled by Android or iOS smartphone or tablet over Wi-Fi.
Polymer coated metal casing decorated with an acrylic front panel. Heat and noise insulation is ensured by a layer of 10 mm cellular synthetic rubber.
The front panel provides convenient access for filter maintenance and has a lock for extra security.The unit has two Ø 100 mm pipes for fresh air intake and stale air extraction outside. The third Ø 100 mm pipe (included in the scope of delivery) can be additionally fitted to the unit to connect the exhaust air duct from the bathroom.
The units feature efficient electronically commutated (EC) motors with an external rotor and impellers with forward curved blades. These state-of-the-art motors are the most advanced solution in energy efficiency today.
EC motors are characterised with high performance and optimum control across the entire speed range. In addition to that the efficiency of electronically commutated motors reaches very impressive levels of up to 90 %. 
The unit is equipped with supply and exhaust air dampers which activate automatically to prevent drafts while the unit is off.


Supply air cleaning is provided by the G4 and F8 filters. To meet more stringent air purity requirements the F8 filter can be replaced with an H13 Filter (purchased separately). Exhaust air is cleaned by the panel filter G4.


The cold outdoor air passes through the filters and the heat exchanger and then is delivered to the serviced space by the supply centrifugal fan.
Warm stale air from indoors passes through the filter and the heat exchanger and is discharged outdoors by the centrifugal fan.
The supply and exhaust air flows are fully separated which helps eliminate the possibility of odour or microbial transfer between the streams.

The Freshbox 100 WiFi units are equipped with a counter-flow heat recovery core with a polystyrene core.

  • In the cold season the exhaust air heat is captured and transferred to the supply air stream which reduces the ventilation-generated heat losses.
  • Some condensate may form during heat recovery. The condensate is collected in the drain pan and is removed from the exhaust air duct.
  • In the warm season the intake air heat is transferred to the extract air stream. This allows for a considerable reduction of the supply air temperature which, in turn, reduces the air conditioning load.

The Freshbox 100 ERV WiFi units are equipped with a counter-flow energy recovery core with an enthalpy membrane at the core.

  • In the cold season the exhaust air heat and moisture are transferred to the supply air stream through the enthalpy membrane reducing the heat losses through ventilation.
  • Consequently, it is the intake air heat and moisture transferred to the extract air stream through the enthalpy membrane in the warm season. This allows for a considerable reduction of the supply air temperature and humidity which, in turn, reduces the air conditioning load.


Freshbox E-100 WiFi, Freshbox E2-100 WiFi units are equipped with an electric pre-heater for freeze protection of the heat exchanger.

Freshbox E1-100 WiFi, Freshbox E2-100 WiFi units feature an electric re-heater to raise the supply air temperature as necessary.

FREEZE PROTECTIONFreshbox 100 WiFi features an exhaust air temperature sensor downstream of the heat exchanger which disables the supply fan to let the warm extract air warm up the heat exchanger. After that the supply fan is turned on and the unit reverts to the normal operation mode.
Overheating protection for Freshbox E-100 WiFi and Freshbox E2-100 WiFi is implemented with a pre-heater.

The unit is equipped with a control panel.The remote control is supplied as standardWi-Fi communication.



Freshbox 100 WiFi
Freshbox E-100 WiFi
Freshbox E1-100 WiFi
Freshbox E2-100 WiFi
Speed selection
Filter replacement indication
Alarm indication
Speed setup
Week scheduler
Re-heater enabled/disabled
Supply air temperature setup
Control with the mobile application Android / iOS
Andrioid application
Northhvent Freshbox
iOS application
Northhvent Freshbox

1. Turning unit on/off
2. Speed selection (Min/Mid/Max)
3. Increasing temperature set point for the re-heater (available for the models with a re-heater)
4. Turning re-heater on/off (available for the models with a re-heater)
5. Decreasing temperature set point for the re-heater (available for the models with a re-heater)
6. Turning timer on/off
7. Activation/deactivation of the scheduled operation mode


Each space requiring ventilation is equipped with one or several Freshbox 100 WiFi units.
A single unit is capable to ensure efficient ventilation in spaces with floor area up to 100 m2.
Freshbox 100 WiFi units can be upgraded with a bathroom exhaust air duct. To enable such a configuration the units can be additionally equipped with the optional ø 100 mm spigot (supplied as standard).


Name Description
MS Freshbox 100 chrome Mounting kit:

  • Two Ø 100 mm air ducts, 500 mm long
  • Ventilation outer hood made of polished steel
  • Cardboard template
MS Freshbox 100 white Mounting kit:

  • Two Ø 100 mm air ducts, 500 mm long
  • Ventilation outer hood, painted white
  • Cardboard templateн
AH Freshbox 100 chrome Ventilation outer hood made of polished steel
AH Freshbox 100 white Ventilation outer hood, painted white
EH Freshbox 100 Heater to prevent condensate freezing in the drain pipe and outer ventilation hood
FP 193x158x18 G4 PPI G4 Filter
FP 193x158x47 F8 F8 Filter
FP 193x158x47 F8 C F8 Carbon Filter
FP 193x158x47 H13 H13 Hepa Filter
HR-S Humidity sensor
CD-1 CO2 Sensor with LED lights for indication of CO2 concentration and a touch button for operation mode switching
CD-2 CO2 Sensor

Designation Key

Model Heater Nominal air flow [m³/h] Heat exchanger core type Control
Freshbox _: no heater
Е: pre-heating
Е1: re-heating
Е2: pre-heating and re-heating
100 _: standard type
ERV:enthalpy type
WiFi: Wi-Fi communication

EcoDesign Parameters

Trade mark NORTHVRNT
Model FRESHBOX 100 WiFi
Specific energy consumption (SEC), kWh/(m²/a) Cold Average Warm
-79,4 А+ -39,7 А -14,3 Е
Type of ventilation unit Bidirectional
Type of drive installed Variable speed
Type of heat recovery system Recuperative
Thermal efficiency of heat recovery, % 92
Maximum flow rate, m³/h 100
Electric power input, W 53
Sound power level, dBA 47
Reference flow rate, m³/s 0.017
Reference pressure difference, Pa N/A
Specific power input (SPI), W/(m³/h) 0.483
Control typology Local demand control
Maximum internal leakage rates, % 0.1
Maximum external leakage rates, % 0.9
Mixing rate of bidirectional units, % 20
Airflow sensitivity at +20 Pa and -20 Pa 0.93
The indoor/outdoor air tightness, m³/h 7
Internet address
The annual electricity consumption (AEC), kWh electricity/a Cold Average Warm
863 326 281
The annual heating saved (AHS), kWh primary energy/a  Cold Average Warm
9230 4718 2133


Parameter FRESHBOX 100 WiFi
Speed I
Speed II
Speed III
Speed IV
Speed V
Measurement unit
Voltage 110-240 100-240 110-240 110-240 100-240 V
Phase 1 1 1 1 1 ˜
Frequency 50/60 50/60 50/60 50/60 50/60 Hz
Max. power without electric heater 20 23 29 37 53 W
Max. unit current without electric heater 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4 A
RPM 2200 2200 2200 2200 2200 min-1
Air capacity 30 44 60 75 100 m³/h
Air capacity 8 12 17 21 28 l/s
Sound pressure level at 3 m distance 13 20 27 33 39 dBА
Max. operating temperature -25…+50 -25…+50 -25…+50 -25…+50 -25…+50 °С
Extract filter G4 G4 G4 G4 G4
Supply filter G4 + F8 (Option: F8 Carbon;
H13 Filter type C)
G4 + F8 (Option: F8 Carbon;
H13 Filter type C)
G4 + F8 (Option: F8 Carbon;
H13 Filter type C)
G4 + F8 (Option: F8 Carbon;
H13 Filter type C)
G4 + F8 (Option: F8 Carbon;
H13 Filter type C)
Insulation thikness 10 10 10 10 10 mm
Heat recovery efficiency 96 94 92 89 87 %
Heat exchanger type counter-flow counter-flow counter-flow counter-flow counter-flow
Weight 31 31 31 31 31 kg
Heat exchanger material polystyrene polystyrene polystyrene polystyrene polystyrene
Connected air duct diameter 100 100 100 100 100 mm
Casing material polymer coated steel polymer coated steel polymer coated steel polymer coated steel polymer coated steel
SEC class A A A A A



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