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Efficient energy saving supply ventilation in flats, houses, cottages, social and commercial spaces. Coarse and fine filters ensure fresh filtered air supply to premises. Various operation modes and regulated air exchange create individually controlled microclimate. Organization of the air supply system with centralized control based on several ventilation units.
The ventilator consists of a cartridge with filters, an air duct with sound absorbing material, an indoor unit with a decorative front panel and an outer ventilation hood. The cartridge consists of an energy efficient EC fan and filters that ensure coarse and fine filtration of supply air. The indoor unit is in the basic version equipped with automatic shutters that close during the ventilator standstill and prevent air backdraft. The outer ventilation hood is used to prevent direct ingress of water and other objects to the ventilator. A remote control, an extended air duct (700 mm) and different external grilles are optionally available for the Fresher 50 units.
Easy maintenance. The indoor unit can be opened applying a light pressure from both sides The built-in automatic air shutters prevent back air draft One of the highest air cleaning efficiency ratings on the market through the use of a modern filter system The specially designed front panel provides 100 % tightness and wind protection
The ventilator can be operated with the sensor control panel on the unit casing or with the remote control (FB Fresher 50).
The ventilator design enables connecting any external controls, such as a humidity sensor, an external CO₂ sensor or a switch. Connection of several ventilators in series provides effective, optimal ventilation. The first unit in series becomes the master unit Ventilation mode is controlled via the control panel on the master unit. The signal from the remote control is received by the first ventilator (master) only.
The unit is designed for through-the-wall mounting into a round hole provided in the outer wall. The unit installation in new-construction buildings is carried out in two phases: 1. Preassembly at the stage of interior and exterior finishing of walls (installing the air duct and the outer ventilation hood, electrical cable laying) 2. Final assembly – before commissioning the house. It includes installation of the cartridge with the fan and filters as well as installation and connection of the indoor unit with the controller and air shutters.


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