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Northvent CIVIC EC LB


The CIVIC EC LB units are designed for single-room ventilation of schools, offices and other public and commercial premises. Air flow up to 580 m³/h.


The CIVIC EC LB units are designed forsingle-room ventilation of schools, officesand other public and commercial premises.Offer the ideal simple and efficient ventilationsolutions for existing and renovated buildingsand require no layout of air ducts.Efficient supply and extract ventilation for separate premises.EC fans with low energy consumption.Low-noise operation.
Simple mounting.
Made of high-quality polymer coated steel, internally lined with heat- and sound insulation of mineral wool or other materials.Available modifications with an integrated preheater and reheater for cold climate applications. High efficient electronically commutated motors with external motor and impeller with forward curved blades. Such motors are the most state-ofthe-art energy saving solution.EC motors are featured with high performance and total speed controllable range. High efficiency reaching 90 % is the premium advantage of the electronically commutated motors.
Supply air is cleaned with G4 and F8 (PM2.5 > 75 %) supply cassette air filters. For premises requiring high air quality it is recommended to install carbon F8 filters and H11 (PM2.5 > 95 %) filters. Available as specially ordered accessories.Cassette G4 filter is used for extract air filtration.
The units are equipped with a bypass. The bypass damper opens for free cooling ventilation mode in summer. PREHEATING
CIVIC EC LBE and CIVIC EC LBE2 units are equipped with an electric preheater which protects the heat exchanger from freezing.
CIVIC EC LBE2 units feature an electric post-heater to raise the supply airtemperature.
The automatic supply and extract air dampers are used to prevent uncontrollable air draughts during the unit standstill.
The ventilation units may be operated with an integrated or an external control panel. The CIVIC EC LB unit has a counter-flow heat exchanger made of polystyrene and aluminium.
• In cold season the heat energy of the extract air flow is absorbed by intake air flow, thus decreasing the heat losses caused by ventilation. Condensate generated during heat recovery is collected in a drain pan and removed to the sewage system.• In warm season the heat of the outdoor air is absorbed by extract air flow. This way the supply air temperature decreases and heat recovery reduces operation loads for the air conditioner.The CIVIC EC LBE unit is equipped with a counter-flow heat exchanger made of enthalpy membrane.
• In cold season the heat and moisture of the extract air are absorbed by supply air through the enthalpy membrane, thus decreasing the heat losses caused by ventilation.• In warm season the heat and moisture of the outdoor air is absorbed by extract air flow through the enthalpy membrane. This way the supply air temperature and humidity decreases and heat recovery reduces operation loads for the air conditioner.




Built-in control panel
External control panel
Humidity sensor
CO₂ sensor
Speed control from 0 to 100 %
Bypass control Manual Auto Auto
Filter maintenance indicator
Alarm indicator
Timer scheduled operation  
Week scheduled operation  
Supply air temperature setup  

• – available; ○ – option.

The freeze protection function may be realized by two ways.

For the units without preheater: the supply fan shuts down on a signal from the exhaust air temperature sensor to let warm extract air flow warm up the heat exchanger. Then the supply fan turns on and the unit operates normally.For the units with a preheater: the supply air is warmed up before contacting the heat exchanger, thus preventing its freezing. In this case balanced air exchange is not interrupted.

Cold outside air flows through the filters and heat exchanger and is moved to the room with a supply centrifugal fan. Warm polluted air from the premise flows through the filter and the heat exchanger and is exhausted outside with an extract centrifugal fan.


Civic EC LB… 300 S17/S18 Civic EC LB… 300 S14 Civic EC LB… 500 S17/S18 Civic EC LB… 500 S14
G4 filter FP 308x238x22 G4 PPI  FP 308x238x22 G4 PPI FP 450x257x27 G4 PPI FP 450x257x27 G4 PPI
G4 filter FP 265x213x48 G4 FP 265x213x48 G4 FP 318x290x22 G4 FP 318x290x22 G4
F8 filter FP 384x273x60 F8 FP 384x273x60 F8 FP 318x290x60 F8 FP 318x290x60 F8
 F8 carbon filter FP 533x135x48 F8 C FP 533x135x48 F8 C FP 666x196x48 F8 C FP 666x196x48 F8 C
 H11 filter FP 533x135x60 H11 FP 533x135x60 H11 FP 666x196x60 H11 FP 666x196x60 H11
Outer ventilation hood made of brushed stainless steel AH Civic 300 LB chrome  AH Civic 300 LB chrome AH Civic 500 LB chrome AH Civic 500 LB chrome
Outer ventilation hood made of white coated steel AH Civic 300 LB white AH Civic 300 LB white AH Civic 500 LB white AH Civic 500 LB white
Humidity sensor FS2 FS2 FS2 FS2
External VOC sensor (0-10V) DPWQ30600 DPWQ30600
External CO2 sensor (0-10V) DPWQ40200 DPWQ40200
External humidity sensor (0-10V) DPWС11200 DPWС11200
Humidity sensor (NO) HR-S HR-S HR-S HR-S
Assembled U-trap  SFK 20×32 SFK 20×32 SFK 20×32  SFK 20×32
Assembled drain pump CP-2 CP-2 CP-2 CP-2


Parameter CIVIC EC LB 300 Measurement unit
Voltage 220-240 V
Phase 1 ˜
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Max. unit current without electric heater 0.9 A
Max. unit current with electric heater 0.9 A
Preheater power consumption W
RPM 2150 min-1
Air capacity 320 m³/h
Max. unit power without an electric heater 123 W
Reheater power consumption W
Air capacity 89 l/s
Sound pressure level at 3 m distance 35 dBА
EC motor yes
Insulating material 40 mm mineral wool mm
Transported air temperature -25…+50 °С
Extract filter G4
Supply filter G4 and F8 (Option: F8 Carbon; H11)
Heat recovery efficiency 82…97 %
Heat exchanger type counter-flow
Heat exchanger material polystyrene
Connected air duct diameter 200 mm
Casing material painted steel
Type Supply and exhaust
SEC class A
Weight 138±3% kg
Mounting floor mounting


Model Dimensions [mm]
D H H1 H2 L L1 W W1 W2
CIVIC EC LB 300 200 1770 1476 294 470 520 620 230 195


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